Geoff's Family lights

Saturday, August 19, 2006

getting there

hey everyone
the countdown is now on.
just under 100 days until LIGHTS ON!!!

today i ran a new power cable from the meter box to my garage so i could have the LOR componentry on its own switch.

im also going to add an external power point as one of the units will be placed outside so i can cut down on power cabling to the other side of the house.

the electrician will be along this week to hook it up.

catch ya soon


Sunday, July 23, 2006


HEY Everyone
just conducted my 1st full test of the 1st lor unit that i constructed.
everything appears to function properly!!!

attached are photos of the lights.

In the foreground are the rope lights & up the back are the fairy lights. I just plugged them
in no order just for testing purposes.

you can also see the lor unit sitting on the ground above the fairy lights.

hohohohohoho the push is now on the get things going!!

catch you all in the next post.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


during the last hours of the lightorama sale i was checking over their products again!!!!
couldnt help myself so i purchased another CT16D with heat sink on delayed purchase.

now i will have to resequence my songs again to suit 48 channels!!!!!!!

maybe i will include the neighbours lights in the last 16 channels .


Sunday, May 14, 2006

picture of wired up LOR CT16d with heat sink

Picture of lightorama ct16d with heat sink all wired up

Thanks to dave tilson for the pics & i added the wording

Daves cable must have been slightly smaller as i could not fit 8 cables in each.

So i changed my box around to have 4 holes which gave ample room( my boxes will only be indoors) & i also added another point out the side for the Cat 5 cables

If the boxes were to be positioned outside you may want to look at some kind of shrink wrap to make them waterproof


Christmas lights

Hey everyone
this year at greenpoint (gosford) the lights are going from basic blinking,flashing etc to WOW FACTOR.
Whilst christmas lights in this country are good the guys at Light-o-rama in the U.S.A have now given us the ablilty to go to the next level!!!!!!

For xmas 2005 i had the usual lights all over the house & as i live in a small st with a cauldersack at the end, we had a few lookers .
hopefully this year lookers will turn into a crowd!!!!!hahahahhahah

I have purchased 2 x LOR boards & 1 is good to go with the other one to be completed hopefully this week.

So with 32 outlets available my house is going to ROCK
mind you i only have a 15m frontage so 32 sets will be radiant.

The neighbours know i am up to something ( some have a good idea), so ive gone into "blackops" mode until the time comes to set it up & get it cranking.

Some of my family have seen the Carson video & have let on to their friends what is going on, so some of them are already asking when will it be up & will i have a "switching on party" to which i thought that was a good idea so i will have a party on the 1 december 2006.

So as i go through the rest of the year i will post items to keep you informed.